Famous singer was ashamed of his huge cock

Usually men are very proud of their big cocks but it seems that one of the most known singers,
Frank Sinatra was a little bit ashamed.
According to his biographer: "I think we can take it as fact that Frank Sinatra was very well-endowed. George Jacobs, Sinatra's valet in latter years wrote a wonderful book, called Mr. S, and he speaks in the book about the size of Sinatra's manhood and actually having special underwear made to kind of keep it all in.
But oddly enough, it was one of the things Sinatra was self-conscious about. He was scarred at birth, he weighed 13 pounds at birth, he was ripped from his mother with forceps, which damaged his ear and the side of his face. A mastoid operation when he was a kid further damaged the ear; when he was an adolescent, cystic acne pitted his cheeks; he lost his hair in his early 30s, and his gluteus maximus was minimal - he had no ass at all.
He sort of hated the way that he looked for a lot of his life… and I think that, while he often boasted almost about his manhood, it was one more thing that made him different.
Ava Gardner famously reported to her ex-husband Artie Shaw, at a time when she was growing dissatisfied with Sinatra, that being in bed with him was like being in bed with a woman. That was reported by Artie Shaw, who was very competitive with Sinatra… but if indeed Ava ever said anything like that, I think she may have been reflecting more on Sinatra's sensitivity, his vulnerability.
There were a lot of women, so he must have been doing something right… I think women were thrilled just to be with him and I think that goes a long way in the sexual experience."
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