My name is Shruti and I am 34 yrs old, like every year even this New Year eve there was an invitation from my hubby’s office for a New Year eve party. I got a personal call from Mrs. Tandon my hubby’s boss’s wife and I couldn’t say no. Basically I am not a party animal but just for the sake of my hubby I had to go. 31st morning my hubby asked me to get ready by 8.30 pm as the party was arranged in a beach(sorry i didn't find any other suitable word for describing bank of river so i used beach) house. I asked him what to wear; he is not very particular about what I wear. He loves everything. Well he gave me green signal to wear what ever I wanted to. I went to the parlor did some make over and did a little shopping.

I was getting ready for the evening. 8.30 Sharp we started from my house and reached the venue at 9.15 pm. We were very well received by the host with a glass of wine and cold drink and good number of people were present all chatting drinking and some were just sitting. The atmosphere was just too noisy and polluted with the smell of liquor and cigarette. Little while I was with my hubby but he got busy talking to his friends and clients. I was walking around for some time but I was feeling very lonely even ladies in the party were not very interesting. 

I went in the backyard and there was a beautiful swimming pool and I was just walking besides and suddenly I heard a voice do you know to swim Mrs. Kumar, it was Mr Tandon. I smiled and said only if I had life jacket. Mr Tandon was in his late forty and heavily built quite tall maybe six feet and had a good physic. He asked can I join you, I said I am doing nothing here, even I have here to do nothing. I liked his sense of humor, we were walking together and he understood that I was not enjoying the party. Suddenly he said lets go to the seashore which was hardly 200 yards from the house. He fetched a bottle of Coke as i don't drink and two glass and we started to walk towards the beach. We sat on the shore of the calm river and we were sharing lot of things along with Coke. When I was talking Mr Tandon was looking straight into my eyes, I was feeling little delicate and slowly he held my hand and said you are really very beautiful Shruti would you like to be my date today. I was shocked I didn’t know what to say I got up and said my hubby would be searching for me lets go and before he could say something I started to walk towards the beach house. 

I got back to the party hall and to my surprise my hubby was no where to be seen, I was searching for him all over the place at last I spotted him near the pool table, he was playing with one of his friends. I went near him and asked will you have dinner now or later he said maybe later. Then he got back to the table. I came away from that place and as I was about to out I spotted Mr Tandon standing in one quite corner and looking at me, This time I also looked at him straight into his eyes and gave him a short smile, suddenly one of neighbors who happens to be working with my hubby wished me and started to converse with me. Every now and then I was looking at Mr Tandon and he never took off his eyes from me. His sight was turning me on but something was stopping me, I looked at my hubby he was not even bothered about me as he was busy. I gained some courage and walked towards the stairs and looked at Mr Tandon while climbing. I didn’t know what to do so I went to the terrace, luckily the place was isolated and I could hear only the music and loud noise created by the people present. I moved near a parapet wall and was looking in the dark probably waiting for Mr Tandon, A pair of strong hand landed on my shoulder and I could feel a well built man standing behind me; I was quite small for him. He hugged me from behind and kissed my neck and said sweet heart thanks for accepting my invitation. 

I turned around and kissed him on his lips and said lets welcome the New Year with a new friendship. He turned me towards him and started to kiss me on my neck and shoulder. I was wearing a black tube top, red colour long skirt and red jacket; I removed the jacket as we entered the hall as it was too hot inside. He was wearing a t-shirt and a cotton trouser. I had to be on my toes to reach his kiss. He slowly kissed me on my lip and our tongue started to explore each others, he was sucking my tongue and as well pushing his into my mouth. I was sucking his tongue with his saliva getting into my mouth. His hands which was around my started to move towards my boobs, he was gently pressing my boob while kissing and slowly he lifted my top from one side and started to play with my nipple. I got much exited and started to moan. I caught his hair and pulled it down towards my boobs and immediately he understood what I wanted and he left everything and he lifted my top and untied my bra and exposed both of my breast and started to suck my boobs and I was enjoying the process. After a brief session of tit sucking he moved down lifted my skirt and started to kiss my pussy and thighs. I was getting too horny suddenly I heard some one climbing the stairs I quickly pushed him away pulled my top and ran to the other corner of the terrace. As I was looking at the head room entrance one of the waiters had come on top to call Mr Tandon as he was wanted downstairs. While climbing down he said- next to the pool there is a Servant room go near that I’ll join you there. 

I waited him to go and after few mins I got down and straight away went towards the pool, it was very poorly lit area and there was a small room for the servant and the care takers of this beach house. After few mins I saw Tandon coming and he asked me to wait and he knocked the door a man came out. Mr Tandon gave him some money and immediately the man went inside the room wore his slippers and left the place. While going Mr Tandon said I will call you after some time. The care takers looked down and said ok sir and he disappeared in the dark. I asked him what did you tell him, he said sweetie don’t worry they understand. He asked me to get in and he followed me. Immediately he locked the door, the place was not very clean. But it was safe enough as there was no possibility of any disturbance. As I was looking around the room what I see is Mr Tandon is stalk naked standing in front of me. He had a good physic and a pretty long dick, he said come on honey take this and show me your skills, I smiled at him and got down my knees and took the long dick in my hand and started to give a hand job. My hand was looking very small when compared to his dick. After a while I took the dick in my mouth , I started to suck the cock , I was unable to accommodate in my mouth as it was almost eight inch long and quite fat. I was licking his head, sucking his balls and slowly and steadily I was gaining the pace, and I could see him enjoying my blow. He became very exited and as I realized I turned him and he was moaning with pleasure. . After few mins he pulled me from the floor and ripped my top and I took off my skirt. He didn’t wait for me to take off my panty, he tore the panty apart and immediately shoved his eight inch long dick inside my pussy as my pussy was very wet I had no problem in taking the penis inside me. He was vigorously thrusting his body against mine, and every thrust of his was giving me immense pleasure. This went on for few mins and then he asked me to go on my knees as he wanted to enter me from behind. I followed his instruction and we did doggy style. Every time his dick moved away from my pussy it used to brush my clitt lip and that used to give me lot of pleasure. We stopped for awhile and then I asked him to do Indian style my favorite. I laid on my back spreading my legs and as he entered in both my legs were around his waist and he was thumping me from front. At last my legs stretched and I screamed as I came, meanwhile he also came all over my pussy and we laid in each others arms for few mins and then I got dressed up But suddenly he got up and pulled me down and again made me naked and asked me to wait.

He went to a corner and took some rope and came and wispier in my ear...."You are a bad wife...time to teach you a lesson". He then tie my both hands with that servent's bed and den he came down and spread my both legs and tied them too. I was looking like a whore that time. He then went down and spread my pussy lips and start licking his own cum with my juice which he left inside me and den he started to lick my pussy like an animal and i was crying loud with pleasure...after I come twice in his face he came to my face and kissed me so that i can taste my own cum. he then sat on me and tell me to lick his dick again. I took his semi erect dick and started to suck... as i m doing he started to finger my pussy and also pinching my nipples....which makes my pleasure at extreme and my whole body wanted to curdle but as I was tied I can't move which feels like something going to tear me apart which i can't handle and started crying with pleasure. He then went down and pressed my both milky boobs together and started to fuck my boobs. I was feeling like a Hot Iron rod is tearing my boobs apart. After few strokes he went to my pussy and then spread my pussy lips and then spit on it and then with one stroke he entered in me completely... i cried very loud with pleasure. Then he started to fuck me like a Piston... even my husband didn't fuck me soo deep and soo fast. After some 15 min fuck he again came all in my pussy and when he pulled his dick he sealed my pussy with two paper clips and black tape so that his cum didn't came outside from my pussy. He then said... "MY GIFT TO YOUR HURBY and TO YOU". Then we dressed well and We joined the party as if nothing had happened but this was my best New Year eve party.

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