GANBANG in marriage ceremony

My name is shruti as u all know. My age is around 34 and my figure size is 36-28-36. For now a days priya(my cousin sister) which I mentioned in my previous we are very open to each  other after that incident. Priya is very naughty she always teases me didi "how was your night and why your hills get more hight when you come out of bedroom." i used to slap her with love.

i used to wear salwar kameej and sari sometimes jeans too. but now a days i have left wearing jeans as whenever i wear jeans t shirt i have nothing to hide my cleavage and it seems in full shape i get very vulgar comments and guys look at them as they will fuck me there only.

on tuesday my husband vicky came and told me,"darling varma ji’s daughter getting married in the coming Friday(17th may 2013) so we have to go. Will go in the morning and come back at night" i told "ok but you have office at friday." he told" ya but am taking leave for that day verma ji is our welwisher we have to go."

On Thursday night i asked priya(my cousin sister) to come with us but she was having practicals at college. I was confused what to wear for marriage. I asked priya" What should I wear for the weeding everyone will be there from vicky’s office so i must look good na." she replied" my sexy didi u r already good looking but i think you must wear sari it will look good." but i have no new sari all of them i have wore at least once and we have to go in the morning itself." I replied making a sorry face.

she told" chh chh chh dont be sad my dear dee I just bought one sari for me last week for my college annual function so u can wear mine." "But how can I wear your sari aaah... i mean your blouse and petticoat will not fit to me" i told looking at her 32'' breasts. she thought for a while and said" its just a matter of one day what a big deal it will be little tight but its a nice sari wait I will show you.'' she went to came back with that sari I saw it and cried" are u mad how can I wear net sari am not a teenager like you everything will be visible."

That sari was made of a silk net and cream color. "Are when you wear it won’t look ugly ok just try it once." "i just looked at sari and then blouse it was just back open blouse having threads to open it from back." i had no options but to try it I went to corner and opened my blouse and put my hands to new one but i could not tied it myself i told to priya to tied it. she came to me and pulled treads to tie it one my one but it was tight like hell i told her to give less pressure but she told" what can I do….ur mellons like firm tits opposing this blouse so much ''
It took around 10 mints just to wear blouse now it was turn for the petticoat. I rapped one towel around my hips n removed my old one. Priya gave me new petticoat n told to wear it. when i raised it on my bum I found it’s like i was wearing tight skirt. It was skined tight to me. Even if i did not need to tie the knot coz it was fully fixed on my heavy bums. When I turned to priya she looked at my body as she never seen before.
"what happned??why are you looking at me like that. havnt u seen me before'' i asked her.

" Dee you see yourself in the mirror first. Wish I was a boy den today....." she replied smilingly.

So I went to mirror and my mouth open like for what i saw there. here i was dressed like I was going to seduce people. My boobs came towards my neck bone & was at least half exposed and blouse seemed to explode even if i breath heavily. For more my petticoat was so tight on my bums and thighs that my shape was seen clearly.

"do u want me to put wrong impression on all and what your bhaiya(broter) will think no decent lady can wear it yar. I can’t wear it" i told her straight.

" you are right its giving u look of a desperate lady but you are forgetting you have to wear a sari on it,  than your treasure will not be exposed so need not to worry. Its day time and bhaiya is also going with u." she said to convince me and gave me sari to try for it. I looked at her and than i started to wear it.

"Its not looking very nice now.'' she told with joy. I saw in the mirror i was showing full of my figure and giving a slight view of my belly and boobs but it was not looking vaguer.

"are you sure i must wear it." i asked her.

" Now sould I write it down for u..wear it my sweet bhabhi tomorrow u will be the queen of all other people’s heart." she replied with smile.
I was still confused because i never dressed like this. But i made my mind finally.

Next morning we had to move to Rangamati in our activa scooter.
Rangamati is just 95 km fr daka so it takes only two hours to reach there.

" whre is my shirt yar. Don’t know where u always keep my stuffs I never find them myself.'' shouted vicky like always. " its on the bed only look with your eyes am getting ready too." i told him i was getting dressed with the help of priya.

"As usual you must apply waterproof make up cos in marriage it will be crowed n u will sweat a lot, better you use waterproof one" she advised me.

"Its not my marriage my dear sister, fir we do as you wish" i told her giving a deep smile with dimples on my cheeks.

"I know its not ur marriage but it may be ur honeymoon night(suagrat)….oops honeymoon day(suhagdin)…anyway after seeing u anyone will be flat......" she made a very sexy pose to tease me
'' Looks like u are going to have ur marriage soon..naughty. Do it fast am getting late." I told her so make fast.In 15 mints we were ready to go for marriage.

"Bye priya take care of the house and take care yourself" I told to her and we started on the scooter. It was a very pleasant morning, so it was not that much cold so i didn’t put on shawl. As we move towards down to Rangamati i told my hubby" it a long time since i have gone to any marriage."

" Today we are going honey and the weather is so pleasant and what are u wearing!!! I can’t tell in front of priya..looks like u are going to be a bombshell in the party….take care of your melons looks like they gonna explode with slightest disturbance " my husband told in a naughty way.

" you are very bad they are not melons ok and u only responsible for that…u only used to play with them every day like a child" i said him innocently

" ohoo darling it me that press them so softly else if anyone else do it u will know how it is"
he told.

"Nobody only you I love you you made my life heaven" i told him softly.

"love you too darling but today am feeling to sleep with you( we never use wrong words) you since i have seen you in this dress" he told romantically.

" your mood always wanna do sex with me…so is that mean u r going to start right in the middle of the road" i told him but i was feeling a little wet too due to the tight blouse was pressing my nipples and this kind of conversation.

just than my hubby has to stop the scooter one group of dog came in front of us. It was the hilly forest roads were zigzag and slopy and it was through the forest you might have seen it roads in hill stations. when i saw the dogs i ashamed as they were trying to catch a bitch and she was running.

"dogs are so lucky whenever they see a sexy bitch they can enjoy it " he told taking a long breath.

" ameen.... " i told loudly as i was praying god to make his wish fulfill.
then we both started to laugh and he started the scooter.

"Today there is very fewer vehicles on the road honey'' i asked him.

"its the bypass road for Rangamati honey very less vehicles come to this side so we can reach early to marriage na" he replied.
I could see beautiful scenes of hill and rivers down it was very romantic.

At 10 am we reached to Rangamati and my hubby introduced me his frnds and relatives there. But i felt uncomfortable over there as most of male there was looking at me as i was a dish to eat and where ever we go they keep on looking at my breast and tell something in ears of the person standing aside.

" Hi yaar u are like id ka chand never saw u in any occasion. Good to see u hear" i saw in the direction frm where the sound came and saw a person in the age of 50 all hear white and well built.

“hi sharma uncle am fine actually i was busy in my work sorry let me introduce with my wife shruti" my hubby told him with a great respect.

"Good morning uncle how r u'' i just went near him to touch his feet but as soon as i bent he catch my shoulders and raised me his grip my very tight and he looked at my eyes i found lust in his eyes and started to look down.

" hay ur place is not beneath the feet. vickas you have got a very beautiful wife. Come just have some food. bhai verma ji is busy with his daughter’s marriage so its my duty to at least  take care of both of u" he told this with a deep smile and looked at my breast with the corner of his eyes.

I was speechless as my hubby was respecting him so much how could i say anything with any proof so I didn’t said anything to my husband. sharmaji took us to the hall where most of the guest was sitting and most of the men. Then one lady came to me and my hubby introduce me with her" shruti she is mrs. sharma".

I said Good morning to her and touched her feet she was looking young as compared to sharma uncle she was her second wife i came to know later.

" come with me shruti all ladies are in the main hall we will sit there" she told me lightly. I followed her and she took me to hall where all women were sitting. I just started talking to some of them.

" So shruti how are u doing….are u bored and are u leaving soon" mrs sharma asked me.

" hurry at all….we are going to stay for a while" i told her.

"she had such a sexy figure..its very difficult to maintain ur body like that after marriage" lady next to her commented.

" Its good that his husband is not like ours….our husband’s do sex soo roughly with us and they used to press our tits soo hard that they become loose and within one month of our marriages we used to loose our figure" mrs sharma indicated her bulky but loose tits.
I blushed I just met with these ladies and they started conversation like this. But I thought about sharma uncle just then…!!he caught my shoulder so tightly he was really very rough person.!!

"Why are u all pricking this innocent lady…don’t u have any work to do…go and check other rooms…see everything is in its right place or not'' it was a sound of very decent lady she was mrs verma who was the mother of the bride.

'' come with me shruti we will check first floor room" told mrs sharma and i followed her. we just went to first floor just then mrs verma called again" vimlaaaaaaa... come downstairs where u kept the key for the almari, I can’t find it''.

"shruti these are the rooms you please check it if everything is ok. I am just coming" she told me i came to know vimla(mrs sharma) was her name only i told ok aunty and
i went to fisrt room and opened the room it was finely arrenged.
then I went to next room it was fine too. But third room was not arranged bed sheet was not spread on the bed so i just started to spared it.

Suddenly I started to hear some voices of other peoples.

" yaar our fortune is very bad..our wife’s becomes like buffalos there is no fun in fucking them anymore” I just peeped from the window to the next room and found three males standing there.

"True yar life need change its soo long time..when I was a bachelor dat time 2 to 3 girls in a week..feels soo good but now everyday same…." told the next person i could not see them but i recognised this sound he was sharma uncle only.

" yar you know i used to take advantage of  lot of ladies when i was in police whenever there is a case related to bar or trafficking…always used to have fun but now retirement is very near but till now not satisfied compleatly" told the third person.
I was still and feeling very strange how such persons having good reputation talking such a way and **** my god i could not believe. Then i got the shock of the day as i heared their conversation ahead.

" yar did u see that angel in cream color sari,looks like that bitch’s big tits going to tear apart her blouse" told the second person. I was very angry on such a vaguer comments.
'' looks like that bitch’s husband didn’t pressed her tits firmly if she comes to me den in two weeks I am going to make her tits loose by grinding them hard with my hands and my mouth ....aur did u see that bitch’s ass .. ssss soo rounded and fat and what a curve she has.. if I penetrate just once den everything will be red red ha ha ha…" it was the voice of sharma uncle all started to laugh.

"and she wear that sari in such a way that it looks like she came hear today to sell herself to all the men, I just feel soo horny that I just want to take a scissor and cut the  straps of the blouse from the behind and.....ummmm" third person said.
I ran to the ground floor as i could not listen more vaguer talk about me. I thought to tell everything to my husband but as soon as I came down mrs sharma met me.

" good shruti u did it quickly I was just thinking about u only'' she told.
"and your hasband is missing me too" I thought angrily.
"whre is vicky aunty" i asked her

'' he was here only" she told. Suddenly someone shouted
"barat aaaa gayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......(brightgroom came..)".

Everyone rushed through the main gate made of banana leaves and wood. Even I went towards the gate then everyone was shouting. I saw some beautiful girls standing at the gate taking a pot on their head for the welcome of baraat(brightgroom). They was just standing at the gate and it was the custom that the baraat had to give them some money as gift and put it on their pot then only they would allow them to come inside. From there the view of barat was not clear I saw a lot of woman on the roof so I went towards the stairs to go there. As soon as I reached at the stairs I saw three man coming down from first floor. He was Sharma uncle with two of his friends I just realize that they were the three men talking about me so dirtily.

“hay shruti y are u going upstairs barat has come…lets go to see them” Sharma uncle told me looking at my face with his lust full eyes.

actually mmm.. I will see it from upstairs, aunty is there only na I relied him I knew what he was thinking about me bastard old man trying to be so nice in front of me.

“areee ur husband is on there only you can be with him he was searching for you” he replied.
ohh then we can go there onlyI told happily as I thought it is better to be with my hubby when everyone was looking like a hunter there and I started to move back to the gate with them.

“are shruti I am soo sorry that I fogot to introduce to my friends, he is mr bheem singh he is a inspector in uttrachal police, now a days he is off duty. he indicate towards the man who was looking like a giant black in color and to tall that I had to raise my neck fully to say him good afternoon but I knew he was the same man who had **** so many woman bloody hell.

And he is mr sachdev Prasad he is a lawyer now a days he is very respected person in locality. uncle told indicating the next cheap fellow. I told him good evening with a fake smile and I found his green eyes piercing my blouse. He was very fat person must be 90 kg at least and he too dam black in color just like their heart.

“Good afternoon shruti” he told me and touched my chicks with his big palm like I was a child. I was very angry but could not do anything as he was showing like he had done it with affection but I knew what they thought about me. Whatever it was the matter of few hours then I will be back to daka. But I was feeling very tight in this blouse and petticoat now. But I didn’t had a choice.

Then we started to move towards the gate I was walking ahead of them and I was sure they were looking at my tight and vast ass.
where is Vicky uncle I can’t see him here I told him looking back to him.  I saw he was just between a crowed as gate was packed with people and behind me uncle and his friend was there. And behind them lot of people came to see the groom party I realized they had spoken lie to me I was in deep trouble now. Because I could go back and I have to be infront of these three hungry old men.

“he is hear only this moment…I guess he got mixed up in croud…for the moment u can see it from hear..u will get to him once baarat went inside the house .” he told me smilingly.
Anyhow I didnt had any option but to stand there I started to look at the gate where four beautiful and unmarried grils was standing with pot on there head. Its was a great noise of band and people. Then I saw that some young boys was standing behind the girls and pushing them whenever they were getting the opportunity I felt all men are dogs whenever they get a chance they will try to do something. Just then I got a jerk from behind and I fell on the guy in front of me my pointing boobs just touched on his back he looked back at me and smile very shamelessly.
I told him sorry and looked back it was sharma uncle.

Then I realise something is touching on my waist I thought its the hand of sharma uncle. And started to looked ahead now those girls were in strange condition barratries was pushing them in and telling to take 500 taka but they were asking for 1500 taka.

“don’t let him enter before u take it(in hindi: “Bin lea ghusne nai dena”)” told a gay frm the back of the girl all started laughing on his dual meaning word.
“take it as of now will give u everything later (in hindi:“are abhi itne hi lelo bad me pure de denge”)” told the people from barat. Even I smile a little and looked down so that no one could see me laughing. Then I saw some one was passing a bucket of flowers to throw them on baraties when it came to uncle he raised his both hands but to my surprise I could still feel his hand on my waist how it is possible and when it came to my mind my heartbeat raised to danger level as it was the same thing used for lovemaking mean dick.. shit. So disgusting I thought I just wanted to move further but I could not. I realized his organ was very hard and I felt like it wanna make a hole on my waist thanks god he was too tall else his weapon would have been at the center of my bum. But still I was feeling very strange. My hubby used to hold be from behind but his tool was not this much hard that of uncle.

I felt a little wetness down, it was very strange for me to getting wet in such a strange situation. Still I was thinking about my husband and though this harassment will be over in some minutes. Then I saw  prasad uncle was calling to sharma uncle Just went to that person and I took a breath of relief god you saved me.

When sharma uncle went to that guy prasad uncle came behind me. I was looking on the gate as things were going very funny there. Those girls was in a bad condition as they had to hold the pot with both hands and boys were free to touch anywhere they want but girls were enjoying it as they were smiling.

“aouch” I cried as I was pushed by prasad uncle.
“sorry shruti he told holding my shoulder.
Wht the hell now it was more bad condition for me as prasad uncle was of my height only and his tool was poking just at the center of my round and tight ass. He was tight like sharma ji too.
I was breathless and very ashamed. Prasad uncle I must say him bastard was just trying to feel full of my ass with his big tool.

I was feeling very uneasy and I was feeling very uncomfortable over there becoz until now I have fucked by many peoples but they are all young or mature but not I decided to tell  everything to my husband I told to myself.

“singh sir see today’s generation boys are soo naughty..see they are bullying those innocent girl” prasad uncle told to bheem singh uncle.

“sir it is there age to do naughty things” singh uncle replied.

“having fun is ok…but see those boys are touching the unpleasant parts of the girls like back,wrist etc” told prasad uncle showing anger like he was the saint, bastard..

“are that was by mistake what say shruti am I telling the truth” asked Singh uncle.

wo mmm mee I don’t know arr.. “I didn’t know what to reply I was very shy now how could I comment such a issue before elder person like them.

“if you are there in place of them so did u feel bad tell us shruti”asked prasad uncle to me. I was now becoming the judge of the debate between the two but I didn’t know how to avoid it I never been in such a situation.

wo I think it was by mistake” I replied very fast to end this conversation which was giving me a shivering.

“see for yourself  is this is also a mistake” he indicated me towards one girl among them. I was shocked very badly to what I saw oh my god what a shame one boy had inserted his palm inside that girl’s sari from back. And that girl was not saying anything. I didn’t replied anything and started to look down with shame now I could feel a rod on my hips trying to tear my sari and getting in I was more wet now I was very angry on myself too. Why I was feeling wet even when my hubby or any young men was not there i was feeling.
They were very clever they included me to in such a conversation and I didn’t know how to escape from there.

“tell me kolml how those girls are feeling…must be bad na” Prasad uncle again asked me.

“feels very awkward” I told looking down only.

“what..they are not feeling bad…if they then they should have scrold them till now..but they didn’t that means that was only for fun ----isn’t am I right” singh uncle asked me looking at my breast he was very tall and he must be getting deep view of my breast which was only half covered by that short blouse.

“guess they are having fun what can I say” I told in very slow voice I wanted to end this topic as soon as possible. But very soon I realized what a great mistake I had done. Because I felt palm of Prasad uncle on my hips I wanted to oppose but he told me so everything is fun..if shruti say so…so we accept it as a fun and started to move his hand on my tight ass. I couldn’t say anything as only I told what was going ahead was just fun and now he was doing that fun with me. I felt a wave of excitement on my body. I was very scared and exited at the same time. But just then as god listen my prayer groom side gave 1000 taka to girls and started to enter the gate and people started to go back to the marriage hall.

I could see frustration on the faces of all three old fellows. I was thinking what a joke my hubby respects them so much and they are such animal bloody dogs.

When I came to the hall I saw my hubby standing at corner with some friends went to him and said “where u have been, I was searching for you so long”

“excuse me” I told to his friends and took him away to tell about Sharma uncle and company.

“what happned dear” he asked me.

woo.. when we are going home am not feeling good here I told him as I was not able to tell what they did.

Suddenly!! “What are you doing around a corner-vikash atleast please leave shruti for one day for us” mrs. Sharma told in a loud voice.

ok aunty comingI told her I thought I dont have a better option than being with aunty.

“And today u guys going to stay for the night…I won’t listen anything ..u came after such a long time” she told in a commanding voice to Vicky.

“Aunti I had office in the morning so we have to leave” he told very politely.

she gave a solid arguments in a commanding voice and my hubby looked at me and I know it mean we had to say there for night. My sixth sense was telling me something is going to be wrong today orrrrrrr tonight.

den me and mrs. Sharma we went to main hall which is limited to ladies only. There dance session is about to begin….there was one girl around age 23 named hema she started dancing really well…as I am also a good dancer I started to feel jelous…and soon I also joined the dancing floor. I was very causious as I am wearing tight saree…..mrs. sharma simultaneously sooting the entire event in her webcam. While dancing I saw hema always smiles wen she saw kamlesh who is a waiter there. Immediately I got the idea about wat’s going on. As we danced so we are all exhausted specially me and I was sweating also.

suddenly..”all ladies please attention come for lunch” it was a announcement from reception hall all started to exit for lunch.

As exiting from hall I saw my herby and he told me politly..” you go and have lunch with aunty I am coming from washroom”he told me. I went towards the dining hall I saw most of the people had gone to dining hall, then I saw kamlesh going upstairs he was going looking here and there I feel very strange and I hide myself behind pillar when he went I thought to follow him. No no what I have to do why should I follow him. But I am woman too once I get curiosity am unable to stop myself I wanted to see whether he went first floor to meet hema or it was just coincident. I started to walk towards stairs with very light steps. I went on first floor but I was not able to find kamlesh. Just then I heard sound of feet, someone was coming up I hide myself behind the big cupboard and I was shocked to see it was hema my idea was right she is having an affair with kamlesh. She went towards the second floor where only old furniture and waste items were thrown. No one could see once u go there as there were very big cupboard and bed and all articles were spread there. They are very clever I though myself. I wanted to go back now as it was confirm that they were having affair. Then I though what are they doing there they could talk in first floor too I went towards the second floor.

I was not able to see anyone all I could see was wooden articles only then I heard a sound from far corner I was feeling very adventurous I just set down and started to move towards the corner that they could not see me. I was now just behind the cupboard from where sound was coming. Now I could hear the voices clearly.

“ouuieee maaaaaaa press it slowly na…are u going to squeeze all the juices out at once hema was telling in very low voice.

“oohh dear wen u r dancing downstairs ur boobs are also dancing with u..wanted to take those mellons in my hand for a long time” kamlesh said in very vulgar style I could hear sound of kisses.

“what can I do if my boobs dances while I dance even shruti bhabhi’s tits are also danced”she told as she was giving an excuse.

“ooh that one with firm big tits and fat round ass slut….she thinks herself as an actress” he told with anger.

“den go to her na…why u called me” hema replied with anger. I was feeling very strange and nauhty that a boy in his teenage speaking such a dirty words for me in front of his

“dear why are u angry…..let me satisfy u and myself today completely” kamlesh told her.
I was breathless I could understand what he wanted from her. Now I was feeling a itching between my thighs I knew whatever was happening was not good but I was getting some excitement from it.

“are u mad…I won’t do all that it will be so painful…do anything on upper part of my body…suman said that on d day of her marriage night she suffers lots of no” hema told with fear.

“are she didn’t tel u how much pleasure she gets after that”he tried to convince her.

“She told she got lots of pleasure after tat…but before dat it was very painful…u only tried to finger fuck me but dat was painful so imagine wat happened when this rod enters..and I have to maintain my figure also” she argued.

“it will be painful just for once….and as of ur figure…did u see ur shruti bhabhi she is married but look at her figure….god knows how many times she fucked and how many dicks she taked ”. He told her.

Now I wanted to see the scene too so I decided to go to the adjacent cupboard to watch them I went from behind and hide myself with curtain hanging there now I just tried to look through it.
My god what a sexy scene was there. Kamlesh was pressing hema’s boobs and her kurta was hanging on the chair she was in bra and that was on her arms. Her pajama was on her thighs as it was untied. I could she her very fair thighs. And then I saw the most special thing of my life when my eyes went between the legs of kamlesh my god one big snack was moving up and down. The tip of his penis was so black but it was shining like a black iron ball. It was having all veins and it was really very thick. I was feeling my nipple erect and my blouse could burst any moment now.

I was in a mess now I was having two thoughts in mind my one to away from there and second to see what was going to happen there. My blood was striking to my mind and I was sweating a lot.

“what are u thinking……take it today it will fell very good” kamlesh tried to convince again.

“plzz do it smoothly and don’t push deeper….insert a bit only”hema told breathing heavily. I thought in mind what the hell is this girl is mad, how can she permit such a ugly guy to enjoy her and how she will tolerate it.

“don’t take tention dear…I will do it smoothly and my dick is not soo big…..i will use my spit for lubrication…u won’t feel a thing” he told confidently.

Bloody liar was telling he has a small penis even such a young age he was having same my hubby has poor hema. but I was very wet now I wanted to go to my hubby and tell him to give me his manhood up to I ask for water.

But I had to wait because we had to stay there tonight and it was not possible for me to sleep with my hubby. And the scene there was becoming more and more sexy. Kamlesh took hema to the sofa and told her to lay there and he was rubbing his black banana i just wanted to touch it once.

But my one hand was now pressing my left boob as I was not able to control myself. Now kamlesh spited on her palm and applied it on his black shaft. Now it was shining like a iron road very strong and straight, hema was pressing her boobs and looking at his dick continuously. Even I was looking at kamlesh.

Then kamlesh bend forward and kissed on the lips of hema. He started to suck her tongue and hema was now just in heaven. But kamlesh was very clever he just placed his tool on the mouth of wet and fresh vagina of hema. Any moment he could give a jerk to break the membrane of her virginity. Now I was looking then without even closing my eyes for a moment. And then one tone started to break the silence ting tini ting tin tinni tin it was the airtel tone and set it for incoming call I took two second to realize I was getting call on my cell and both hema and kamlesh jumped on their feet knowing there was someone else too in the hall. I was very confused what too do I just took my cell out of my purse and rejected the call even I didn’t see who called me. And just got up and tried to make myself comfortable as I was just coming in the hall. Hema was now teeing the knot of his salwar and kamlesh just wore his pant. When both of them put on their clothes I came out of cupboard,

“what are u doing everybody is waiting downstairs” I could say this much only but still my voice was trembling.

“please bhabhi…don’t say to anyone it will ruin my life” hema started weeping very badly. I was thinking what to do now I was in a very dramatic condition I just wanted to say I havent seen anything but now she herself admitted what was going on there.

Ok whatever don’t worry I won’t say anything to anyone but don’t repeat it again ok…. I told to finish the conversation.

okkkkkkkkkkkk both of them told together. I just turned to go to dining hall and meet my hubby as he was waiting for me.

“wait a sec bhabhi…I would like to ask u something” kamlesh said.

“ask fast” I told in not interested tone.
“why we should not do all this?” kamlesh told very easily and I was shocked hearing such a question.

What you mean everyone should do this before marriage If hema got pregnant then and who will marry her.I told angrily.

“I love hema so I will marry her and about pregnancy we use condom” Kamlesh gave a strong reply of my question and was looking at me now hema was speechless and looking down.

Are you a fool or what you dont understand she in not matured enough and you can do it after marriage also. She is not ready of all these things now she can have some problem. I told him to prove myself right.

“she is 23 year old bhabhi what is ur age at the time of marriage”he asked me.

“I was 23 yrs old that time”I replied.

“So bhabhi if u do all this at the age of 23 den y don’t she” he looked at hema and she nodded her head. I lost my control.

aree you have so big that she can’t ¦mmmm I dont mean. I have to go. As soon I replied I came to know what I had said to him that mean I had seen her penis and even I told indirectly that his tool is around my hubby. I blushed at started to look down It gave encouragement to kamlesh and he started his question one by one

so are u watching us secreatly?

Is my dick is as big as ur husband?

I turned around and ran towards the stairs and didnt gave any answer to him. They came following me and we all came to the dining hall where everyone was having their lunch and I met my herby

Bhabhi we were hungry so we ate, now you have your lunch too. he told me and we went to the counter.

There was local persons who were serving the food to all. I took one plate and we both Vicky and me came to counter just then someone called Vicky I saw him he was Sharma uncle he gave me one hungry look that only I could understand.

“wait a sec… I have to go and to meet sharma”Vicky told me and went to him.
I went to take food and started with first counter itself. I took whatever I wanted to have and then I saw kamlesh on one counter he was serving dal.
When I reached at his counter he asked me “ bhabhi dal( insert) du kya”(bhabhi do u want me to insert)
I knew he was saying dual meaning word but I said him “yes please”

I finished the conversation and sit on one chair to start eating.

I just had one piece and my mouth was burning it was full of chilly.

I never liked chilly and I put the plate there only I ran for the water but I saw water cooler was very far and I didn’t had the glass too.
I ran to the counter and saw the person who came to rectify power supply with kalu when I was dancing I just indicated him that I needed water he came to know the situation he took one jag of water but I was not having the glass so he told me to come in the corner of hall so that I could drink it with my palm all this took just few second and we went to corner he raised the jag to my mouth and I bend and put one of my palm on my mouth to drink it but in hurry my pallu fell down and he could see two third of my bouncing boobs struggling to come out. But I did not know it as mouth was burning like hell and all I wanted was few drops of water. He was looking at my boobs and started to put water on my palm and drank it and now I was relaxed a little as soon as I came into sense I realized my condition. I blushed and raised my pallu and placed it on my shoulder but just then I felt that it was wet fully as it was drenched into water. Oh shit the word came out of my mouth at once. Even some water drops went into my blouse it was a little wet too. This man was really enjoying the show.
“are madam apki sari to bheeg gayi hai ab kya hoga” he asked me as he was the only concerned person. With gods grace we were in the corner and nobody was standing there.
“How can I go to eat in such condition “I asked him.
“ aree ap chinta mat karo me table fan on karta hun ap apni sari ke pallu ko dono hatho se pakad ke failaiye do tin minute me hi sukh jayega.”

I didn’t have any other option but I was feeling very ashamed removing my sari pallu in front of a man whom even I didn’t know. He switched on the fan in full speed and he indicated me to remove my pallu. I had no choice I remove it and stretched it so that it could dry. But I was not able to stretch it fully he came to me and took one end of pallu and stretched it he did it as he was helping me but I was blushing like hell here I was, a man was holding my pallu and looking my boobs clearly I could not do anything but to say him thanks.

I was hoping all this would end in few minutes. But today was not my day kamlesh came there and asked in a wicked tone

“what happned rakesh….is shruti bhabhi is hurt?”

“are when we are hear then there are noting which can hurt our bhabhi” rakesh replied in the same voice I was feeling to slap both.

“but never hurt her and protect her from any kind of pain….see our shruti bhabhi is so sophisticate….she never experienced much pain….she had only a little pain” kamlesh taunted me he was indirectly mentioning my words as my hubby is not so rough as he is.

“don’t u worry bhabhi is very strong…..she can tackle any amount of pain while there is a smile in her face” rakesh, the fair man told I was really feeling very angry but I was wet between my legs too.

“see…. Ur saree dried up”rakesh told me.

“my saree dried up but somewhere else it got wet” I thought in my mind and went to my chair as it was very difficult to face kamlesh now.
I started to have my lunch. I saw kamlesh and rakesh was standing at counter and laughing loudly I was thinking what they were talking I was sure they was planning something what only god knows.

I saw time in my watch it was 3pm now. And now I was feeling a little tired because I had danced a lot. But it was not possible for me to sleep there as it was daytime and I could not find a place to sleep. Then I saw Sharma aunty and went to her.
“have u done ur lunch?” She asked me.
haan I just had it aunty am feeling sleepy can you find some place for me to sleep am very tired and want to have some rest” I requested her.

aree everyone is enjoying and you are feeling sleepy,no u are going to sleep only in night”
she just hold my wrist and took me to the room where bride was sitting in Saree. I looked at her and I was really impressed with her beauty she was having a preety and sexy face. Red color Saree was giving her a very sexy look and she was having really very nice figure. While looking at her I thought she don’t need any makeup.

I went to her and Sharma aunty introduced me to her.

“sheetal she is shruti, viska’s wife. She danced very well and shruti she is our seetal and she is very talented” aunty told me.

There was so many women in the room and all were in very jolly mood. They were teasing sheetal.

“See how sheetal is blushing….tomorrow she will be soo happy at night.....just take care of the bed don’t break it” lady commented and everyone laughed including me.

“Fast Fast Fast….ready the bright…..marriage ceremony is about to begin”shrama aunty told everybody.
while doing some makeup on her I saw she was having some very brown hairs on her arms.

“sheetal you are having some hair on ur arms I have to wax it” I told sheetal in very low voice so that no one could listen.

ok bhabhi do it including my leg” she told me very politely.

But for that you will have to remove your saree else it will be spoiled I told her.

“ok we can go to other room and I will make some excuse” she gave me a suggestion.

ok you tell aunty we will come in 15 minutesI told her. She went to aunty and told her the matter she told her to come fast and we both went to next room, which was very small, and only one bed was there and it was so small that only one person could sleep on it.
I told sheetal to sit on the bed and I closed the door from inside.
Sheetal just raise your hands fully”I told her.
“bhabhi…are u do waxing on ur own or u go to parlor” she raised her hand and asked me.

I do it myself…I replied. You must go to parlor regularly you are young so must be cautious about your looksI advised her.

“Are bhabhi…I don’t have time….so much work”she replied me.

oh I see but now your husband will teach you everything”I was becoming mischievous now.

Oh bhabhi u also” She blushed again.

“Bhabhi….don’t u have hairs on that part also”she asked me indicating place between my legs.
are you mad every woman has hairs there” I replied her.

so do you wax them too?she asked me.
are I use veet yar …using it very easy. I told her normally. Now we both were very comfortable with each other.
“Bhabhi does he also have hairs on that place like us” she asked me very curiously.

my god you even dont know these small things ya my dear they (men) have a lot of hair there with one big snake…. I told her giving a wicked smile.
“what bhabhi…is their(men) that thing(dick) is dat big”she asked me.

“ur hand waxing completed now remove ur saree and lift ur petticoat(a cloth that wore beneth saree)” I told her.

“ok I am removing but tell na” she asked me again removing her saree. She was really very soft and smooth she had removed her saree now and also removed her petticoat and I could see her very fair and toned thighs. I was thinking how lucky is she. She had got a figure to die. But she had little hairs below her knee I just applied cream there very softly and even I was enjoying to touch her untouched parts.
“yeah they had very big…but don’t u worry dear…u are gonna love it” I was very open to her.

“what is the size”she asked again?

No need to worry its only 7 to 8 inch and you will get pain only first time so you need not to worry ok am like your elder sister I told her in very lovely way.

“But sharma aunty is saying that it is about 10 inch means it is as long as a school scale and fat more den ur tumb”  she told me in one breath.

are she might have joked you” I tried to convince her.

no no she was telling me seriously may be vikhas jijus may not be that big so you are not aware.  she replied me. I was speechless as I love big fat dick always and I started to think means Sharma uncle have that big tool. There were so many questions in my mind now.
Is Sharma uncle really have that big tool.
Is it bigger than kamlesh too.

“what are u thinking its getting late” she told me.
ok ok I told her and completed waxing of her thighs. And we came out of that room to the main room.
“Where u have been…come to the main hall for the marriage ceremony” verma aunty told her daughter and we all took the bride to the main hall.

As we reached there I saw the hall was full of people and everyone was decorated very nicely. It was evening time and lights were switched on. Most of the lighting was done at the center where one stage was made for the ceremony. Two friends of bride took her to the stage and groom was already waiting there. Now they was in front of each other. But my mind was not able to think anything other then the thing told by sheetal before some time I wanted the answer of my doubts. I looked around me but I could not find Sharma uncle. I knew he was not a good person but I just wanted to know once that what Sharma aunty had told to sheetal was true or false as sharma uncle is old too. I looked again and saw Sharma uncle was there in the middle of the crowed. My mind started working now I was thinking how to know what size he has under his pants. But I didn’t had any dirty thoughts for him.I decided to go to Sharma uncle but he was in the middle of the hall. Then I saw hema just near to him I got a chance to go there so I waited for the time that hema see me because it was not possible for me call her in this much noice. Just after few minuted hema saw me and I waved my hands towards her and she gave me response. Now I got the chance and indicated her that I wanted to come to her she just noded from there. I started to make a way of the people to reach there. my heart was now striking very fast.

I was very scared now because I knew that if went between the crowed people will try to molest me but I don’t have any other option left to find out the reality of the words of sheetal. After a little struggle I reached near hema.
“hema were u have been I was searching for u for a long time” I tried to give my reason for coming there.

“Bhabhi sheetal is looking soo preety from hear” hema replied. Then I saw Sharma uncle who was just few foots away from me. And just behind me was kamlesh who was trying to be always with hema. I could not go away from her but I came here for some other reason. So one idea came in my mind. I looked behind and started a communication with Sharma uncle who was looking at me but thinking something.
uncle see sheetal is looking so beautiful you know I have done some of  her makeupI just made the first move.

“ooh that’s y I was thinking that y sheetal is looking is soo beautiful” he replied.

pardon me uncle I cant hear you its a lot of noise hereI told him loudly even I had listened but it was my trick.

“I am telling u did well” he told in a louder voice.

sorry uncle cant hear youI told loudly, it was a golden chance for him and he was mature enough to grab this opportunity. He replaced kamlesh and came just close to me and within no second did what I expected, he just touched my back with his tool. He was very tall so he bend himself and came near my ears and told
“U make her as beautiful as of u”now this man in his old age was trying to flirt me and every woman in this world like to be praised for her beauty.
don’t tell a lie to meI told him to get more words in my praise.
“you are soo beautiful…u must try modeling” he told very slowly in my ears.

“vikas found a dimond like u…he is very luckey” he told me and I was in seventh heaven now. Just then he gave a slight jerk to his groin and his tool tried to burry in lower portion of my back. I was getting exited again this day was really different from other days. I was behaving very abnormally.
“shruti did u see bright and groom from hear”he asked me given one more jerk to me.
no am just trying to peep but you see the person in front of me is very tall so I cant see it properlyI told him.

“oh den try to lift ur tows den u might see them”he gave me very good suggestion I impressed by her presence of mind.

I just put all my weight to both of my toes and raised my body up now I could see both groom and bride but just that second I realize the trick used by that old man. When my body raise up my hips was just in front of his man hood and he didn’t took a single second to give me a very solid jerk just between my ass crack and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee was the sound came out of my mouth. And in no second I came to my normal position again.

“what happned….is it painful”he asked very innocently. I didn’t expected he will do this but now I thought that this is the way I can feel if his tool is as big as explained by sheetal.
yaa actually am not habitual of this na so can’t stand in that position for long period I replied making a very cute face.
“ok u can do it for sometimes and den rest and den do it” he was again with a suggestion.
Ok uncle I said as even I wanted to feel something now. I just raised my body again and my bums caressed his thighs and halted at the middle of his gun. And as I knew already he did the same just buried his tool into my bums. I came to normal position again and now it was happening in very rethemic motion as I was giving him blow jobs but virtually.
My cunt was wet like never before and I was sure he was having very big banana under his pants how big that was the question I my mind only. This time when I raised my body i didn’t get stroke I looked back strangely he had gone some inches away from me and searching for something in his pocket it was dark so I can’t see properly. I was very disappointed and came to my normal position again.

I saw uncle came close to me again and bent as he wanted to say something to me I gave my ear to him as he almost touched my pink ear with his black lips.

“looks like u got tired can I help u ” he murmured.
I was really feeling a little tired of this raising and coming down so I asked him how he was going to help me.
“Are I can hold ur waist and lift u a bit…so that u can’t feel pain on ur tows any way”he told me.

I agreed. Now he hold my waist from his both big rough palms. I was wearing my sari below neval so his palms were resting on the nude area between my blouse and sari. My body was shivering now.

Sharma uncle: let me help u by lifting u.
My mind was fully concentrated on the place where he touched me.
Me: ok
I tried to raise my body up and he helped me giving a thrust to my waist he was holding my waist form left and right palm. I closed my eyes and was ready to get one hard stroke on my bums. But at very next second what I felt took my breath away.

When he came more close to me instead of his pants something else touched at my nude back between sari and blouse something very hot and hard. And it was trying to go inside my back like a arrow. I was mature enough to understand what it was.
How someone can be so shameless. It was the limit I am a married lady I can’t allow anyone to molest me like this. These all thought came to mind and I decided to oppose him now.
But up to this moment my bums came to the target and he gave direct shot to it as his tool was free it went few inch inside my ass crack taking every my tightly ripped sari inside too. \
Me: oohhhhhhhhhhhhhha
I tried to control my moan my panty was fully wet now. And I had to oppose him if I wanted to save my dignity now.
Me: uncle am having problem standing like this I must change the place now I will go front side.

Sharma uncle: oh u are soo delicate.
Me: I am really tired I will go now.
Sharma uncle: oh I have an idea where u don’t have to do all this.
He gave special pressure to upar niche I understood what he meant but I was only responsible to give him encouragement.
Me: what idea?

Sharma uncle: are very simple idea u can stand on my shoes so that u can enjoy the marriage. “Enjoyment of marriage or enjoyment of other thing” I thought in my mind.

Me: are how can I stand on your shoes u will be hurt?
Sharma uncle: how much weight u have….and u can’t get pass the croud…there no option can’t u bear some pain for ur sister like sheetal.
Me: I mean  I cant .. how can I
Sharma uncle: don’t think…see the ceremony.
I didn’t had any option I just stepped back and place my one feet on his shoes and then another too. Now I could see the stage very clearly but now his gun was fixed at my bums.
Sharma uncle: now can u see.
Me: yeah I can.
Sharma uncle: are u enjoying the marriage
me: yes

Now he gave me again started his work and gave one gentle jerk to me. But as I was standing on his shoes my body moved ahead and I was near to fall and he placed very cunningly his both his hand just above my belly and neval and pulled me toward him very strongly and this gave double impact my bums stroked his tool very hard and uuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sound came out of my mouth I was not able to control myself.
Me: Uncles please leave me I can’t stand like this.
Sharma uncle: what happned? Is there any problem?
Me: you please don’t hold me am not comfortable.
Sharma uncle: u are falling so that’s y
Me: I won’t fall so leave.
Sharma uncle: ok as u wish…but if u fall?
Me: den u can catch me…but I won’t fall.
I told in very rigid voice now few minutes left for the ceremony to be over, I was so relived to think that I will be free very soon.
For some time everything was normal and I left my body free and uncle gave a very strong jerk and I loose my control and slept from his shoes. For giving me support he tried to hold me at my belly but as I was sleeping down his both palms slipped automatically on my big and round boobs he pressed them very hard and pulled me up to his shoes again. I became red with shame and anger too.

It was getting very vulgar now and for me it was unbearable. But due to his activities my nipple became straight and hard. He suddenly left my boobs but I was still feeling the tight squeeze of his fingers. This old man was really desperate and what has happened to me how can allow someone to enjoy me like this. But I didn’t know how to stop this but just then as god heard me. Ceremony was over and everyone started to go out of hall. I got down of his shoes too.

“At least say thanks for bearing ur weight for such a long time” he told giving a very shameless smile.

thanks I told what the hell I had to say him thanks for poking his nude tool in my ass and pressing my fully matured boobs. I was still feeling his grip on my boobs and his pointing hard rock dick on my butt. My husband hold me so many times from behind while he was erect but when he pressed his manhood to my bums it used to bend a little but Sharma uncles tool seemed to be made of iron it was trying to pierce my sari and petticoat and finding a way to the place where only my husband and some selected people could reach(u know which peoples I am talking about).
Now one thing was sure whatever sheetal was saying was correct. I was very horny now and I wanted a good and furious bed session from my husband. I decided say him clearly that I want to make love with him so I tried to search him. But in such a big crowed I was not able to find him. Sharma uncle has gone now too. I thought he must be in bathroom as he was very erect and might have gone to release himself. I felt a little proud too for looking so sexy and desirable.
It was 6 pm now and all lights were switched on. I was feeling very restless and I wanted to release myself but only with my hubby. I decided to call him. I dialed his no but at the same time I ended the call as I felt shame to say him what I wanted. Then I got an idea I could not say him verbally but at least I could say him by sms so I decided to sms him and tell her what I wanted.
So I started to sms him.
But I was very unlucky that day this was one more little mistake from my side which changed my day wholly. You must be thinking how messaging to Vicky can change my life. Actually I came to know later that at that time my husband went for a bath and he takes a lot of time in that. He was with Sharma uncle and his two friends Prasad and bheem shingh at that time. He told Sharma uncle to keep his cell until he come out of bathroom. And at the same time I sms Vicky that son of bitch Sharma n company read that message my no was saved in vickys phonebook as shruti janu and they came to know I was messaging him. He made a plan and started to message me back and I was in a trap now. Now I started to chat with those hungry animals thinking am seducing my hubby via sms.
My sms: where are you darling?
His reply: am here in first floor with guests tell me what happened.
My sms: ok where will you sleep today.
His reply: why r u asking this?
My sms: actually I am missing you.
His reply: oh really I must admit one thing today..
My sms: wht?
His reply: that you are looking dam sexy today. Everybody is looking at you in marriage.
My sms: thanks but wht the hell if am looking so sexy wht r u doing thre. Don’t you knw wht a man shoud do with a hot woman.
His reply: ya he must fuck him.
I was really surprised to read him reply as he never spoke such words to me I thought as he can’t speak such word to me face to face so he is messaging me. Our chat was getting hotter and hotter.
My reply: oh really what else
His reply: and he must suck her boobs and squeeze them very hard like animal and suck ur lips.
My sms: oh really do I make you so hot so what r u going to do with your hot wife tonight.
(Our chat was getting more and more open now.)
His reply: yaar not only me you are making hot to every man in marriage. If anyone caught u alone den..
My sms: den what? what he will do?

(now this sms changed the direction)
His reply: he will make use of the time.
My sms: how??
His reply: he will grab ur body hard and throw u on the bed. Den wat u will do?
My reply: I will shout and request her to leave me.
His reply: but how can he leave such a fuckable and sexy hot woman without giving him proper and wild fuck.
My reply: really darling what make me so hot?
(I wanted to be praised for my beauty)
His reply: u are so soft and so smooth and fair like cheez…ur cheek is soo red and ur black eye is so eyecatcing. Yours biggi(big) soft tits…when looked it looks like ur blouse going to explode anytime. Ur one tits won’t come in one hand. When u walk it feels like slapping on ur ass and squeezing them from behind.

(I shocked reading such kind of vulgar remarks about me from my own husband but still due to heat in my body I was enjoying)
My sms: oh really so wht should I do to save myself.
His reply: you must just enjoy him. Ok tel me if I were black and fat den what?
My sms: so what I love u anyway.
His reply: oh  and if that man who through u on d bed is a black ghy den?
My sms: cheee chhee I don’t like black fellows they look like bull. How can a woman like me sleep with them I never allow them to lick my heels also.
His reply: if he has a very fat dick den?
My reply: I don’t know please change this topic. I am missing you very much can’t we sleep together.
His reply: how can we sleep together anyway wat wit ur mood….u r soo excited.
My sms: pls don’t say like this I won’t be able to chat with u.
His reply: ok ok we can meet at night for sometime when everyone will sleep we can enjoy.
My sms: areee but how if someone saw us there will be some problem.
His reply: u don’t worry sweety pie you come to first floor and go toward the third room their you will find one old store where all bedding for guest has been kept. In night no one will come in that store. So we can enjoy for some time.
My sms: but I will not come for long time as if someone found me missing at night then there can be problem.
His reply: ok night 1 o’clock will be the best time.
My sms: ya sure. I will set alarm in my cell I will get up and come.
His reply: ok but don’t fear as room will be very dark and we wont speak anything anybody can hear us.
My sms: ya ya u r right I won’t speak anything.
His reply: you know I one of my friend has given me some energy pill.
My sms: so wht.. I mean wht this pill does.
His reply: I will get very great erection my dick may be increase in length due to more flow of blood in veins.
My sms: r u mad y r taking it.
His reply: he am just trying once I won’t take again ok at night 1 o’clock ok..
My sms: ok.
Now I ended the chat and I was very happy that at least I will be released a little in night. Actually Sharma uncle came to know that Vicky is going to complete his bath so he stopped chat fast. And deleted all my sms and sent message. Vicky didn’t know what had been planned and what these old ugly looking fellow going to do with his young and beautiful wife.
I saw around me every one has left the hall so I went out to and found one group of woman talking so went there and joined them. After some time I found that hema was not there. I didn’t gave much importance to this thought that time. Then I thought I must see that store once so that I could go easily there at night and I went to first floor. And moved towards the third room and in the corner I found one small store. I was just going to move back then I saw rakesh going upstairs very fast. I dint saw hema and kamlesh for long time and now rakesh was running so fast to upstairs. I knew rakesh was not a good person the way he made comment on me I was clear about his intension. Centainly he must be in some business. I decided to find out in what deep he was up to. And I started to go up at the same floor where I saw hema and kamlesh at that time. I guessed rakesh must be having some affair with some girl and he must be going to enjoy with her. I was again near to same cupboard and it was night now only one bulb was there in whole store. Just then I heared some sound of conversation.
“why u called rakesh…I won’t do anyting I am going” the female voice with in a second I knew it was hema only.
“he is my friend…we won’t tell anybody we just want to enjoy u ” the make voice it was kamlesh. Oh my god now it was not only hema and kamlesh it was rakesh too. Such a cute girl was with two male one black and other in mid age. Such a stupid girl I told her so many things but she don’t understand. So I decidecd not to interfere this time. I was not able to see them now so I went toward the last cupboard in the corner and now I could see three of them clearly even in dim light.
“why are u worried if she came again den we will fuck that whore first den we will please u”Kamlesh told angrily.
I was shocked to hear such intension of kamlesh.

“True yaar that bitch is soo sexy….she thinks herself as miss world if anyone touched u she will get dirty”rakesh replied.
I dont know now I was not feeling that angry to rakesh even I was feeling a little proud on my beauty.
I was thanking to my cousin sis for regular exercise for such figure.
“u are telling the truth yaar if that time no body there den I would have strip down her saree and make her complete naked and going to empty her all juice by squeezing hard which she stored in her mellons like tits”
“u guys going to make my life as hell…..if u want to do den ask rakesh to leave”hema told in very firm way.
“he knows everything, he will make our life miserable if u don’t allow him too… allow him too……and don’t worry u will feel like u are in heaven”kamlesh told her.
Poor hema she was not knowing how badly these two people going to use her fresh and beautiful body. But I had decided not to interfere because they could fuck me too.

“I am feeling shame…. Tel rakesh to leave I will do it with him later alone”hema told looking at floor.
“hena don’t u worry u have a killer body to die for…..let me enjoy it too”rakesh told. Hema blushed and smiled she was flattered with the compliments by rakesh. This girl really deserves something extra.
Kamlesh came behind hema and without speaking anything he just hold her waist and started to kiss on her neck. Hema just closed her eyes and her face became red with same and excitement these are new things for her. Now kamlesh slid his black palms to her round and solid untouched boobs which were were going up and down due to deep and fast breathing of hema. kamlesh hold them and pressed very lightly.
Sheeeeeeeeeeee uummmmm kind of words broken from the lips of hema and my hand went automatically towards my breasts. But like always my palms were very small to give them support. I could only cares them but can’t press them fully. I really needed some help of someone who could hold them and press them like hell.
Rakesh was watching both of them and he started to open his shirt. When he removed his shirt I could see each bone of his upper body he was very thin. Kamlesh started to rub her boobs hard now I could see his black finger cupped like a cage on her sponge breasts. Now it was unbearable for rakesh and he went closer to hema and bent his head down towards hemas face and kissed on her cheeks. Hema just opened her eyes her eyes was red. She didn’t oppose rakesh but put her hands on the hands of kamlesh. Rakesh was expecting some resistance from her side but when he saw she was agreed for it. He put his lips on hemas red and fresh lips firstly he kissed very gently.
Then he opened her mouth and lips of hema was inside his mouth. He placed his one hand behind hemas head and another between her legs. Hema at once hold her hand not to go further or help him I don’t know.
Now he released her both lips out of his mouth I could see her lips was drenched with seleva of rakesh. Now rakesh hold her lower lip with his lips and sucked it hard. Kamlesh was still enjoying with hemas tight boobs and giving her all pleasure that every woman wanted I was feeling her lucky to be loved like this. Hema left her hand from kamlesh’s hand and put it between legs of rakesh. She was in heat now. Any woman will be wet in such situation so was hema. rakesh understood her desire and. Left her lips for a while and started to unzip his pants and removed it fully. Now he was in his brief. Even I was not less curious to see his manhood than hema. he looked at hema she was looking like she had drunk bottles of wine. She put her hands on rubber strip of his underwear and pulled it down.
I guessed that his penis must be thin like him. But I was very wrong it was as around 7”as my hubby has 8” . But it was very red and when rakesh pulled its skin back its head was shining like tomato. I felt like to touch it. But I had to control myself I was married.
He kissed on hemas lips.
“hema darling see at first u are opposing and now u only took out my dick….u are always going to remember this night”rakesh told hema with smile.
His organ was going up and down. Hema hold it with her hand and started to pull it.
“wait a bit hema…this is for u only”rakesh told hema searching her pajama knot.
Chrrrrrr sound came when kamles opened the back chain of her kurta upto her waist. Now he got good access and inserted his both hands inside her kurta and started to press her boobs covered only in bra now.
Rakesh removed her kurta from her sleeves and her kurta was now hanging on her waiste making her upper part half nude. She was not opposing anything now. And biting her lower lips with her teeth.
I could guess easily that she was enjoying
Hema started moaning like a hungry bitch in heat. she was still a teenage and being so beautiful both kalu and rakesh wanted to exploit her fully. As I was sure they might not have not found such a beauty in their lives. But today luck was in their favour. The stupid girl not knowing that she was loosing her virginity with such lower class freaks. She could easily get a rich and handsome match for her. But there is a saying that wisdom and age never come together and specially for girls.
”sit on ur knees” rakesh told her and she did it like a pet.
I though now rakesh is going to tell her to suck his tool. but he told hema to smile. I was confused why he is telling her to do so. Kamlesh was a little surprised too.

Hema was smiling and her dimples were very deep. Rakesh came near her face with his pink and juicy banana and touched it with her cheeks. Looking at him kamlesh came forward and did same with the another cheeks. Both stared to poke their tools into hemas cheeks. It was looking very sexy scene as hema was really looking very cute and kamlesh’d tool was looking like a black snake it was bigger than rakesh but not that attractive. I thought rakesh has a organ which will give pleaure in mouth and kamlesh will give more pleasure in mouth between the legs.
Now I was in heat totally and wanted to have one hot session with my hubby just after some time.
“open ur mouth and start sucking it”kamlesh told hema.
Hema just opened a little mouth and kamlesh was not able to insert his big bamboo inside so he just pinched her cheeks with his fingers and hemas mouth opened in o shape kamlesh didn’t miss the opportunity and gave a good jerk to reach inside. Hemas eyes almost came out of socket and she tried to pull her mouth but rakesh hold her head and forced her to be still.
I was feeling pity for hema but she was only responsible for the illtreatment. Men have a stange mentality they like to see women in pain they don’t care she in enjoying or not. Sometimes my husband used to do it with me too when I sucked him he will give a stroke to poke his tool into my throt tears came to my eyes and I started to cough but he was smiling and feeling so great of it. He used to demand me to take whole in my mouth but I was unable to do it. He used to laugh thinking he had the biggest one and I was not able to take full in mouth.

Well only men can answer this. Now poor hema was the victim of this mentality. In a jerk kamlesh drag out his banana diped in seleva of hema and she started to cough.
“you bloody bastard son of bitch and am doing this with you and you are behaving with me like animal am in slave of you”hema was really angry of kamlesh. Both of them were scared of her and stared to say sorry to her.
“sorry that was a bit rough” both told In very slow voice.
Hema foregive them with a smile and pulled the hanging tool of rakesh. He came closer and hema took his pen.. in her mouth. She was sucking it perfectly. I though todays generation is very smart they learn things very easily.
Just then I heard the the sound of footsteps. My heartbeat was about to stop. Within no time I hided myself into the cupboard more so the in anycase no one must be able to see me.
Those people were totally unware of someone was going to come there.
I was really trembling with fear as it was sure they were going to be caught now. I was looking at the stairs and then someone came inside the hall. I could not see who he was due to dark. I was really in very weird situation I could not even tell hema and company to hide them as in this case I would have been caught watching them. Then that person came near to the spot and I was totally surprise to his face. He was none other than my husband. this was even wrose if I he will come to know I was watching all those people doing that. I decided to keep quite and watch what was going to happen next.
He went towards the lighting end. As soon as he saw whole scene he was surprised too. Now I was expecting one harsh hound of anger but to my surprise he was stopped there and started to look at them. He was still in darker point so they could not see him they were busy in enjoying hema’s jawani. I looked at my vikas he was rubbing him crouch. Mean he was getting hard on looking this scene. He was looking at hema with hungry eyes. I felt very jealous but could not help it as I was on wrong foot too. But suddenly vikash moved forward and shouted what the hell is happening here.

It made all three of them still. Within no time hema collected his salwar and tried to hide er tits as much as possible.
Now vikash came forward and slapped kamlesh on his cheeks. And next slaped to rakesh.
”sir it was a mistake” kalu told him. What a bad luck I thought first I intrupted them now my hubby was beating them.
you bloody servants how dare you to touch a girl from our society…kash brust with anger.
“sir plz forgive us…we did it unintentionally” rakesh pleaded diplomatically.
“get out from hear” vikash told them both of them vanished from there just like ghost. Hema too stared too move towards darker end to wear her clothes and run away.
stop”vikash told in firm voice.
 hema could not utter a single word out of her lips.
you are from a good family how can you do such things with such a cheap fellows vikash told her very angrily.
“they are doing forcefully”she spoke in very low voice.
do you thing me fool I saw your deeds before interrupting you. You was enjoying more then those fellow.vikash told this smiling.
“sorry won’t happen again…plzz don’t say to anyone or else my life will be spoild” hema blurred making weeping face. Vikash was looking at her breast which was pooping out from the corner of the cross hands of hema. I was feeling very angry because I never expected such thing from vikash.
See I know u are in ur young and I know about sexual desire but u just can’t loose ur virginity to these cheep fellous….u should make bf and den u can.
i was shocked by his advised he was justifying sex before marriage the only thing he wanted that it must be with someone from well family to do. I used to thing him very conservative person but today I came to know he was conservative only from his wife and sister not for other girls.
My heart was beating faster I was thinking that what is going to be his next move whether he will force her to sex with him or will leave her. I was praying god. Now vikash moved towards her and touched her cheeks and said “you are really beautiful”

I thought this is the end but suddenly as god listen me he took her clothes from floor and gave her.
wear your clothes and don’t repeat it. You are a good girl and good girls don’t do it he told her and went away.
I was shocked what happed to him he changed within a minute. Just few minutes back he was looking at her with hungry eyes and how he just left her.
I was very happy to be his wife in a situation where anyone would have use the opportunity he didn’t. my respect to him increased.
Now hema dressed up and went down. I adjusted myself and went down too.
It was time for dinner I had my dinner with sharma aunty. Suddenly sharma uncle came there and called aunty I could not resist myself looking between his legs. Sheetals words still striking in my mind.
Sharma aunty came back. I tried to ask about it but how to start talk about that it will sound so cheap talking to an old lady regarding her husband’s organ.
I tried to be diplomatic and started the conversation lightly.
aunty what all things you have told to that poor little sheetal she is so frightened
what I have told I didnt told anything she replied.
are she is so afraid of her first nightI tried to clear my point.
“oh are so what I said dear being elder we must tell her everything to her”s he replied.
“ya you are right aunty but you have told her about the pain she will have to face I told further.
“so what  lies in it she has to face  every girl has to faceshe told comfortably.
ya but you have told her that men used to have very big thing so she is afraid”I tried to be more close now.
so what harm to tell her the truth something near to 10 and thick like her wrist is not big deal ha ha hashe told shingly.
So it mean sheetal was right sharma uncle has big thing. At least double the size my husband in thickness he has got with a bigger size den my husband. How aunty can take such a monster inside.
I didn’t feel to carry the discussion now. And finished my dinner fast I was feeling strange erectness’ in my nipples and wearing such a tight blouse I was getting more uneasiness. I wanted to be crushed by something. I was getting sweet body pain my body needed to be massaged roughly.
I was waiting for 1 o’clock so that I could meet my husband and get relieved. It was just 11 now still 2 hour left so I decided to sleep for some time as I was very tired from morning.
i asked sharma aunty where to sleep she told me the place it was in first floor I was happy as it was near the store we decided to meet at night. It was strange I was to meet my husband like lovers. But I was not aware all my sms had been read by sharma uncle.
I looked at my hubby gave him smile and said I am going to sleep as to say be ready at 1 clock. He smiled too I thought he smile because of our plan but I was my imagination only. I went to bed and tried to sleep
In spite of being tired I was not getting sleep. I switched on my cell and started to read all sms. I remembered Vicky said about some energy pills. What kind of pills are those. It enlarges penis as he said will it really enlarge his penis or will it create a side effect. i just put alarm of 1 o clock I was feeling very uneasy sleeping in that much tight sari,blouse and peticote but I had to manage that. After few minutes I got sleep.

Dear readers now this part of story I will narrate from the scenario of sharma uncle..(as he told me his side of the story like how he approached and how he planned every move etc. after he fucked me)

“its such a long time why didn’t she came” Prasad told.
“did u send those sms properly” bheem asked me.
“yeah don’t worry” I said in assuring tone.
“I can’t sleep due to dat bitch…she is soo sexy tonight I am going to fuck that slut like hell”Prasad said.

Suddenly the door opened it was dark but with the smell of her perfume now I can guess she was her only.
Suddenly something enlighted a little it was her cell she was trying to see her husband. Poor bitch don’t know dat tonight her three husband is waiting for her.

Light of the cell was very dim she could not she us but we could she her fare face looking very hot in dim light. I was waiting for the back light of cell to be off. If few second it went off. I just went behind her and raised her in my arms. She was going to shout but soon she realize it has to be her husband.
“ooh my god I was so scared….where are u talking me…do it fast anyone can come” she murmured very slowly.
I didnt speak anything as I could not manage to speak anything.
Now I put her down and got one strap out of my pocket and rounded it on her eyes. Before she could understand I had closed her eyes.
“ooff what are u doing this is not our bedroom darling” she murmured again.
She was thinking that Vicky was trying to play blind folded.
Now I took out one more strap and took her arms behind and tied it. She didn’t oppose I thought she might have tried sex like this with Vicky. Den I slowly started to strip down all of her cloths… wen I remove her blouse den she said “what a relief for my sweet mellons”…den I removed those also along with her red pantie which was dripping wet. Still she didn’t oppose as she thaught it was done by Vicky.

Now she was in cage. I went towards the switch board and switched on the light. With a blink white light of tube scattered in the room. And the sex bombshell was in front of us blindfolded and hand tied back.
I started to look at her. She was looking very sexy as her hand was tied back so her huge melons was poping out. She was wearing a ultra tight blouse and sari. Feels like I am going to fuck her now but we had to play safe. I could see glow in face of both friends of mine. They were very happy. Bheem went ahead and touched her belly and very gently kissed at her red and pouting lips.
sssssssssheeeeeeeeeeeeehsound came out of her mouth. I was sure she was wet.
Just after bheem it was turn of Prasad and he just first kissed at her smooth and red cheeks and then just pulled the pallu of her sari. The twin tower was now fully shown making an angle of 90 degree.

Now I went ahead and just kissed at her cute nose and then I sit on knees and griped her round gaand and kissed on her belly.
oh maa she moaned again. Her body was shivering.
I went up and saw her trembling lips and could not control myself and just gave her one gentle kiss on her lips.
Now I went back and Prasad came near her. shruti could never imagine her jawani is geeting looted by three old fellow without any resistance.

From here I will again narrate the story from my scenario:

My pussy was fully wet now I wanted Vicky to start now. But could not say due to same. It was very strange why he was behaving like this today. What If anyone came. It was a mixture of fear and excitement. I was getting surprise touches. It was very strange experience. Suddenly I felt Vicky came back of me. One pair of hand held my waist. Now he was caressing my belly and poking one of his finger in my navel.
œoooommmm like sound came out of my mouth.
And then one hand started to move upward toward my globes. And halted exactly above my left breast. I wanted him to press them hard as I was wet since morning. But he was not in any hurry and squeezing it very gently as if trying to measure its size.
“press it harder baby”I pleaded him.
I was expecting one tight squeeze from him but he left me. I was bit disappointed and then he came back again and caught me from behind and now his both palm were on my both melons. Vicky plam were seeming heavy today.
“aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mar gayi uiii” I cried in pain as he crushed my breast like pressing horns.
But my cries got stopped as he just locked my lips with his lips.
And started to suck my lips like vacuum.
Soon I realize it was not like regular smooth he was sucking my lips. I was feeling pain in my lips to It seems blood will come out of my lips.
Thank god he left me after few second.

Just then I heard the sound of opening some cold drink bottle. So did Vicky came with cold drink. What an odd time for that. At once my nose got pinched my two fingers. It was hard to breathe now so just opened my mouth.

As soon as I opened my mouth something very solid came inside my mouth like a cock bottle and before that I could understand. Fluid started to come inside my mouth. It was bitter like hell. I didn’t want to drink it but I had no choice as my nose was plucked.
I wanted to vomit but just then he released me. I started to cough loudly. Now I just got the smell it was beer. I never had beer but knew how it smells like. I was feeling like my throat got scratched. In few second I got normal.
And suddenly again my nose got closed. Now I knew if I opened my mouth I had to drink that but I was helpless my hands were tied. So having no choice I opened my mouth again. These time It was not seemed so bitter in few seconds I could feel that every the last drop went in my stomach.

den He just left me.

“What the hell you are up to we are not in our home have you gone nuts” I just rebuked.
But still no reply came. Just suddenly I felt some warm air at my shoulders. And he started to suck my earlobes. My all anger disappeared by the excitement.
He was pressing my boobs slowly I was feeling very light now. And I felt my head spinnig.
I was going to fall on ground suddenly Vicky hold me from behind and just kissed me on my back and pressed my boobs with force. I was not in control now I just wanted to have his tool now in any case. He was just teasing me.
My panty was fully wet with the fluid. I was feeling very uneasy now my mind was not working. Then he just untied my hands.
my hands were free now,i moved my hands to remove the cover on my eyes,
but he stopped me from doing it .
i was fully wet now and did not wanted to waste a moment so when i felt the aroma of cock on my lips i could not wait,my lips are opened autometically and i was relieved to feel the cock on my lips,
the aroma of hot smell of cock made me more wet i started licking it nicely and sucking the cock,
sundenly i came to senses the cock was too huge my mouth was full,i was sure its not my husbands cock i wanted to stop and see who it was but his strong hold on my head did not allow me to move backwards ,and frankly my leaking pussy was also helping him to have hold on me .

i just in feeble voice while he was mouth fucking me hard asked please leave me .you are not my hubby he doest have suck huge cock who are you pls leave me
now i was in great dilemma i was not knowing whose cock it is my mind was wandering who is it ,was it the boy kamlesh he had huge or was it uncle shrma aunty said he has huge ?

no no it can’t be uncle i can’t do it to him at least i prayed it should be kamleshh and not uncle or his friends.

the fear and sex both were running same time in mind he hard fuck of mouth the sheer size of cock its hot smell were making me mad my pussy was flowing like tap ,i was curious to see who iam sucking,

i said please tell me who you are ?open my eyes ,i promise i will nor run and do as you ask me to do whole night?
i swear on my husbands name pls open my eyes and fuck me i can’t take it any more i don’t mind who you are please let me open my eyes ,
suddenly my cloth on eye was removed but he pressed my head too close to cock and not who was mouth fucking me since last 10 minutes without cuming
he didnt seem to be kamlesh i felt its sharma uncle

he was nor allowing me to see ,
i said pls leave my mouth and fuck the pussy i dont mind even if u are shrma uncle or his friends i dont mind fucking any one now
i promise i won’t say no to any
pls let me see who you are and you fuck me i promise to fuck with you

now i hread a voice
male voice it said you promise you will fuck with uncle sharma or any of his friends who ever is with you now and swear it on name you your husband
i was not able to recognise voice as he had chnaged it

i was wet and wanted cock and i knew he has mouth fucked me for 15 minuted now my mouth was paining and pussy wet for cock .
i said to my self what issue he has already done much i said ok i swear as you said.

he now ask me to close eyes and spread the legs with pussy open and only open eyes when he starts fucking me i said ok and did as he allowed me

my pussy wall was being spread with his monsters cock oh it was very hooooooooooootttttttt like dogs cock i have heard

i was in shock as i had heard that, that black bheem singh is like dog and his body temperature is always high and he fucked females like dog

but it had created a sensation in my pussy it was like hot rod in my creamy canal

i was enjoying the dream fuck of my life i did not mind who it was
he was fucking me hard and hard i was deliberately not opening eyes as i did not want to see the ugly old man fucking me but his hotttttttt cock had taken me for high ride i already had huge orgasm Holded him hard i said oh my god this way i have never been fuckedddddddddd in life pls make me your keep(slave)

i just opened my eyes yes it was bheem singh i saw and again closed my eyes as was feeling shy and did not wanna see the ugly old man fucking me but also same time wanted him not to stop he was again fucking me and i was getting hot again
he asked me bitch should i continue or stop

i asked no bhhem uncle fuck me till you wish… he said bitch did you enjoy sucking the cock i said yes but it did not felt so hot in mouth and was feeling bit huge in mouth instead

ohhhh he said check it now close eyes and open you mouth and then tell me i did as he said he was fucking me hard in pussy my blood was rushing in my pussy veins i was feeling in sky i said ohhhhhhhhhh why did i had to wait for so many years for this pleasure

he said open your  mouth my eyes was closed i opened my mouth i felt the aroma of cock on my lips i literally jump and started sucking it .

oh i was enjoying the unique experience in life my pussy was being pumped by a hot dog rod and my lips were tasting the huge aroma cock.

I sunndenly came to sensed when felt my boobs were sucked in high erotic way i open eyes ooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
it was prasad uncle sucking my boobs and oooooooooooooooohh whose cock it was in my mouth I moved my eyes up oh was sharme uncle oh nooooooooooooooooo I can’t do this

same time a huge orgasm developed in my pussy , i was shivering with pleasure,pain and shame at same moment

i cammed hugely and same moment bheem singh cummed in my pussy his hottttttt sperm was being emptied in my unprotected pussy and i felt uncle sharma sour cum oozing in my mouth
he did not allow me to move and i had to drink all of his cum while my pussy swallowed bhim singhs deposit

Now bheem uncle and sharma uncle withdraw their tools and den Prasad uncle told me to turn around and make myself as dog position…sharma uncle came beneth me and asked me to sit on his mammoth dick….i adjusted myself and started to sit on his huge dick….. as my pussy was wet already as I cummed twice and also the cum which bheem uncle put it inside me makes my pussy sleepary….so in 3 trust I was able to take in every inch of sarma uncle’s mammoth 10” dick….i was in heaven…
“slut open ur mouth and take this hot rod in ur mouth….i want it hard again”Bheem uncle told.
I did as he told…as soon as I took beem uncle’s dick he grabbed my head…and said ”shruti get ready for some pain”

Before I react….prasant uncle put some of his bear on my both ass….it feels soo cold…with sarma uncle fucking my pussy.

After that prasant uncle took his hand and started to rim my ass hole….as soon as I get the impression what gonna happen next…I tried to oppose

“shruti…u promised that u allow anyone to fuck u….so keep ur promice” bheem uncle said
I said in low voice “ok uncle” as I am helpless….as prasant uncle tried to loose up my ass hole….sarma uncle keeps on fucking my pussy like a piston.
After some time prasant uncle came near  me and said to me…”shruti looks like vikas didn’t care u a lot…and ur body didn’t open up so I am going to make ur body open for myself”.
He went beind and he spapped hard on my left ass…”oooiiieeee maaaaaaaaa maarr ggayeeee” I cried loudly.As soon as bheam uncle and sarma uncle heared me crying he said…..”shruti don’t cry that loud we can get caught… its seems that we are soft on u…..just wait and watch”

Sharma uncle grabbed my hips hard so that I can’t move a bit and bheem uncle grabed my head and started to fuck my mouth hard so that I can’t scream…..and from behind prasant uncle started to slap both of my rounded ass…made it red…after sometime my ass become loose.
Den prasant uncle came behind and grab my long hair and started to puch his 7” dick inside my ass….i was crying in pain…at the same time sharma uncle took one of my breasts and started to suck my nipples…I was feeling that my milk is draining out….

After some pain prasant uncle started to pound his dick hard…..and sharma uncle also incleased his pase as he about to explode…..both prasant and sharma uncle started to fuck my very hard…..within seconds sharma uncle released all his load of cum inside my unprotected pussy….and den he stopped as he was completely exhausted……on the other side bheem uncle aslo started to fuck my mouth hard… and he also came in my mouth….his cum is soo sweet unlike sarma uncle which taste salty…

After that prasant uncle told to to flip my self to my back….i did as he said….den he again pushed his dick deep inside my ass hole… and started to grind me like a piston….at the same time sarma uncle came to me and put his toung in my mouth and started to lip kiss me….i tried to oppose but he held my hand tight…den I felt beem uncle suck and squizing both of my melons…which feels soo good…..
Prasant uncle when fucking my ass hole asked me ”where u want my cum”
Before I give any response sarma uncle said….put it in her ass hole only…fill all her holes wit cum….den within a min. he ejaculated a lots of cum in my ass hole…

After fucking all three uncle kissed me and said “shruti ur body is very good thanks for giving ur body to animals(us) hope this will satisfy u for today…..i am taking ur pantie and bra with me….u are not going to wear those while u are hear… too see ur nipples pocking out of ur tight blouse and wet petticourt which can be visible from outside….no more hiding my little slutty whore”. After telling this they all went out from dat room leaving me behind naked lying on broken bed with cum dripping out from my both holes.

I rested a bit den gather my remaining energy and started to clean myself with the paper which there….den I put on my saree temporarily and ran straight to bathroom and den I took bath and properly cleaned myself….my both as hole is hurting me very much as I am feeling very uneasy to even stand after such a wild fuck…..after dat I put on my tight blouse again but this time with no bra as sharma uncle took it away….as I wear my blouse I can see the nipple curve is clearly visible from the blouse….i was so embarrassed but I don’t have any other choice….so wore my saree nicely and same out of the bathroom pretending nothing has happened……..
Next day in the morning sharma uncle came and give me a gift and told me to open in privet and den me and my herby came to my place…and he went to his office. When I open the gift I saw tha it was my pantie and my bra which sharma uncle took away from me earlier. When I lift my pantie I found various white stains on my pantie…. It was the cum of sharma uncle which dried up….even in my bra also there are stains….i am guessing it was from his friends. There is a small note with the gift its written that”shruti when u are going to come next time which u will….i want u to wear tat pantie with my cum on it and also tat bra shocked with cum…..don’t clean that..keep it that way….if I found u didn’t wear when u come hear again den I am afraid u are going to face a public rape from my friends…..and it may o to the internet….so beware of that”

Above are some of the pics in which I had been gang banged by 3 old people with really big dick.


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